Sarita Pillai works as a clerk in government based bank and lives with son Sameer and husband Sushant who switches jobs every six months.Sarita's flat faces drainage issues in kitchen basin but Sushant doesn't bother to fix it or call the plumber.Once late night Sarita sees water flushing underneath her basin wherein some zip lock plastic bags pop out which has bundle of 1000 rupee currency notes the very first thing she does is verify the notes from her bank weather it's real.Sarita is confirmed about the notes being real and does it as daily process of gathering bundles from drainage but hides from Sushant soon her lifestyle changes making people question even her character.But October 2016 Indian Prime Minister announces demonetization to ban 500 and 1000 currency notes.


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  • 5.7

    IMDB Rating

  • 114 min


  • 05 Jun 20

    Release Date

  • TV-14

    Censor Rating

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