The Mire

The Mire

The 1980s in Poland - the very center of a bleak landscape between martial law and the Round Table. In a small, forgotten city somewhere in the south-west of Poland, there is a brutal double murder: a young prostitute and a local communist activist. At the same time, teenagers also commit suicide. Witold Wanycz (Andrzej Seweryn), an experienced, slightly bitter journalist, is to write about the murder in the local newspaper. At the same time, a young editor is employed in the same editorial office: Piotr Zarzycki (Dawid Ogrodnik) - son of a high-ranking party activist. He begins his own journalistic investigation. The more involved in the case, the deeper sinks into the title royst - the swamp, from which it is difficult to get out.


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  • 25 Mar 20

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