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Kaagaz Ki Kashti

Kaagaz Ki Kashti

In an era when Bollywood music ruled the Indian households, Jagjit Singh made Ghazals a necessity of every music lover's collection. With a voice stirring enough to break or mend your heart, he brought to life some of the most fascinating compositions of all times with unparalleled charm. Kaagaz Ki Kashti traces the life journey of a down-to- earth, small-town boy, who made it big by breaking through the norms and revolutionising the Ghazal scenario, by texturing traditional Ghazal singing with western instrumentation and making it simple and hummable, enticing new listeners into becoming Ghazal fans. Tracing three converging tracks - the struggle and stardom in his musical career, the love and loss in his personal life and the scope and limitations in the music scenario of the times. The film covers not just Jagjit Singh's life, but also of the monumental legacy he has left behind. Through in-depth conversations with friends, family, colleagues and through archival footage, the film becomes an intimate portrait of the iconic Ghazal maestro, Padma Bhushan Jagjit Singh. The film explores the artistry and pioneering positioning of the larger-than- life yet man-next-door icon, with depth, insight, humour of the most admired and loved musicians of the century.


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  • 8.9

    IMDB Rating

  • 127 min


  • 11 Jan 19

    Release Date

  • Not Rated

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