After recovering from a serious mental breakdown, former top FBI profiler Frank Black, who has a strange gift that lets him see how a killer's mind works, returns to his hometown of Seattle with his wife Catherine, a clinical social worker who mostly works with victimized children, and their lovable little daughter Jordan, the two people Frank cares about the most in the world, to work as a consultant for the mysterious Millennium Group, a secretive private organization that hires experts to mostly hunt down serial killers obsessed with doomsday prophecies. Frank's partners include Peter Watts, a friend from the Group who serves as his handler, Frank's old friend Lt. Bob 'Bletch' Bletcher from the Seattle Police Department and sympathetic SPD detective Bob Giebelhouse, who also occasionally asks for Frank's help. In season 2, Frank partners up and befriends with the group's latest recruit, Lara Means, a young woman troubled by a gift similar to Frank's. In season 3, Frank partners up with the young dedicated FBI agent Emma Hollis who wants to prove herself to him, which sometimes backfires on her. Most of the cases Frank works on involve killers, lunatics, conspirators and amoral people with criminal intent. However, Frank, who does not believe in the supernatural, must also deal on occasion with those who may or may not be of an actual demonic or angelic nature and not simply evil. Frank's loyalties end up being tested time and time again by both the other-worldly and the Group, which itself seems to be obsessed with the upcoming end of the millennium.



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  • 25 Oct 96

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  • TV-14

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