La piovra

La piovra

In Episode 1, The Killing Attempt, police detective Davide Licata survives badly wounded, so much so that his personal and love life will be affected. In Episode 2, The Core, he is tempted by the General directing the Government's "nucleous of operations and investigations (NOI)", a secret service built to do the dirty anti-crime jobs that the police can't do. In Episode 3, The Man of the Letters, exposes the hideout of Tani Cariddi in deep Africa - and again, the retired detective and the retired criminal must come to grips with violent action in Europe. In Episode 4, The Trap, not one but several traps are set from both sides of the law. In Episode 5, Codename: West, a desperate chase is given by The Core and two countries magistrates to catch the new drug lords that are aiming at deluging drugs into Europe's Eastern countries from a former Nazi concentration camp in the West. In Episode 6, A Secret Is Revealed, the detective exposes and destroys the man who secretively had taken the place of octopus' head - but crime will not stop because the criminal's son escapes with enough power to restart it all.



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  • 8.4

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  • 402 min


  • 11 Mar 84

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  • TV-14

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  • 8


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