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From Comics to Movie – The Archies

A gang head back to the '60s in India, Director & producer Zoya Akhtar reimagines the classic Archie Comics, transporting to Anglo- Indian hill station named 'Riverdale'.
It is the first ever comic film, hence the marketing for this movie has gone beyond bars by many brands.
In the fictional town of Riverdale the characters - Archi, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, Ethel & Dilton explore friendship, freedom, love, heartbreak & being rebellion.
The cast of the Movie

Archie Andrews is a charming & endearing teenage Casanova. He has a passion for music & enjoys playing with his band. But one thing that gets him into trouble is wearing his heart on the sleeves.
Betty Cooper
A determined, kind, and adorable girl but at the same time can go all the way for something she wants it truly. Her exceptional nature of finding good in everyone made her different from others. She was organized by writing her journal on a daily basis.
Veronica Lodge
The name already creates an image of a rich kid with a golden spoon. Truly matching that imagination, Veronica is the richest girl in town, with a clear perspective of what she wants and would never let anyone walk over her. A large mansion, a rare different kind of confidence and she loves her friends.
Reggie Mantle
A prickly pear guy, a self-absorbed, jokester with a sharp mind but quite sensitive at the same time. A person who can never publicly reveal his emotions but has a strong crush on Veronica. Wicked boy was even after having a secret crush on Veronica he was always dating other girls in Riverdale. All true love he has is for himself.
Jughead Jones
Food is the lord for him, blessed with a voracious diet. Jones is Archie's best companion and is terrified of girls. With any flaws, there is strength and for Jughead he is sharp, witty, and prefers his things his way. An artistic person manages to play drums & work at Pop Tate's which is a local diner place.
Ethel Muggs
One of the bizarre characters in the movie is a promising & ambitious hairstylist. She loves her job & dreams of a bright future. A very loyal & firm friend who has a soft corner for Jughead. To win his attention she always shares the food for his heart.
Dilton Doiley
A fashion teenager in Riverdale, who is always studying new subjects or working on inventions in his room.
Behind his being smart, active, and always clever to achieve things some secrets are known by none.

Overall, the movie is going to be a unique hit, where every character has specific attributes to connect with the audience.
A perk for the movie, the audience enjoys living nostalgic days at times, and for young audiences, it raises curiosity knowing the olden times in the fantasy world.
The movie is going to make an exceptional mark, you should watch it as well. It's streaming live on Netflix.
Right movie for Cold December.