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Indiana Jones & The Dial of Destiny

The movie is a farewell to Harrison Ford releasing, on 1st December 2023 on OTT platform "Disney+ Hotstar".

The movie throws light on the message of what comes to you when one is too obsessed about the past.
No where is the movie trying to reinvent the classic Lucasfilm. During the journey Harrison Ford gave mesmerizing movies to the audience.
The movie "Indiana Jones" will also surprise you seeing the hard work & dedication of Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr. The movie is based on 1969, when he was planning to retire after years of lunatic adventures & hunting treasures. One fine day he found himself sucked into another unpleasant time that was Nazis during World War II. 
The movie has multiple twists & turns which will keep you hooked during the entire movie. The movie is well written & directed to highlight small details & skills. Where Jones as an older and wise man specialized in history with deep passion for his work. Both the characters in the movie seem like all in the character having fun & justifying the iconic classic man Jones. The best part of the movie is that it has few iconic lines from old movies.
The film is brimming with action, adventure & perfection with directing the movie. The camera angles, lights are just beyond perfection. This December switch to Disney+ Hotstar for Indiana Jones.