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The Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy- “Gamora”

Gamora is a fictional character in Marvel Comic universe (MCU), known as the deadliest woman in the galaxy. She is the last of her kind as the adopted kid, daughter of Thanos the villain. Gamora was a powerful one who possesses superhuman strength, agility & accelerated healing factor. Her combat skills are unique, allowing her to defeat most opponents in the galaxy.
To walk through a little more information, Gamora is from Infinity watch group playing super hero roles like "Annihilation Conquest", "Infinity Countdown". Later she joins the Guardian of the Galaxy team in their comic series. She takes on the role of supervillain in 2018 in storylines "Infinity Countdown", "Infinity War". Complexity of her character along with the transformation she had during the journey made her a fan favorite.
Gamora is also featured in a range of merchandise products, as her fans are attached with the Super Villain.  Her fans are inspired by the character's strength, determination & resilience. She is one of the most amazing & inspiring fiction characters leaving a lasting impact on people all around the world.
To wrap it up
Marvel in their journey has transformed from showcasing only male super hero & super villain they are now giving equal importance to female characters. They are no more sidekicks to gain attention but to build & destroy something completely.
There are a range of movies where female characters are playing a lead, they are appreciated by the audience. One of them is Gamora, the most terrifying woman in the galaxy. Audiences now appreciate who break the stereotypes & bring forward a story that is inspiring & well baked story.