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Dhootha: Series on Paranormal & Media Ethics

Dhootha released on 1st December, the story is primarily in Telugu & later translated in Hindi. The story is directed by Vikram K Kumar.

The story relies on a journalist who is befouled by one of the most common sin "Greed". He using journalism as a weapon to accumulate the abundance of wealth.

An incident made his pet dog preternatural as Sagar had foresight through paper cutting, numerous incidents did unfold that lead to loss of loved ones. Sagar's ex- colleague came in contact with similar incident he ending up taking his life. During investigations few connections turned out the connection of Sagar & his Ex- colleague.

As the series unravel Sagar experience various tragic events, during this journey the investigator DCP play a very huge part as he is the one who revels the truth behind Sagar life. He figured it out why was Sagar only the one who faced strange events in his life.

The story has multiple twist & turns. The characters have acted marvellously, Sagar breaks the norm of a good boy image instead built up in an complete unexpected manner. A necessary tip that is followed by many in the situation. Alot of people are covered in mask far away hidden from their true nature.

Special recognition goes to DCP the investigator who acted as a Inspector who manages to convince the viewers with his demonic acting all over the series.

Overall, a series worth watching & without losing out the understanding of every action has it's convivence’s. You can find Dhootha web series on Amazon Prime, wait no minute. Wait no longer just get started with remarkable series & enjoy the darkness.